Thursday, 14 June 2012

First Encounter of Drunken Chavs in 3 Years

As most people who know me know- I don't really go out very often anymore. I barely leave my computer as it is, with so much work to be done and limited funds, I found better ways to have fun and even socialise. But tonight I was looking forward to finally going out and hosting an awesome games night to raise funds for my uni's graduation show.
It didn't turn out that great. In fact I wish I could have gone back in time and done something different so it didn't have to end this way.

For the past few weeks I've been busy organising the end of year show, I had also decided to organise a fundraising games night and a classmate and I chose a place that had been used in previous years for fundraising. We had the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and a variety of games on each, there was supposed to be a competition held, raffles and just plain fun, but not even thirty people turned up. I was disappointed, mostly because the absences were from the very students involved in the degree show- it was basically for them. The people who turned up made an effort to help and even brought friends over.

So what ended the night with a big bang? Some idiot decided it was okay to enter our area (it was closed off and you had to pay for wristbands to get in) for free, and continued to ignore me, pointing, laughing and no doubt being a racist piece of brainless turd.
It was not so bad when I saw him finally leave the area, he apparently 'knew' one of the randoms that had gotten in (I made his friend pay for him eventually), but then he had the nerve to bring back two orange faced scarecrows and show off his amazing 'ignorance' in front of them.
So I pushed him. Hard.
One of the horrificly tall umpa lumpas went crazy on me whilst I had an awesomly fabulous Princess Peach costume on, and destroyed it by pulling my wig off. Just imagine my pissed off face when she did that. I told them to get out- though I'm sure it was in a horribly rude fashion, since I can't even remember exactly what I said. Then they got banned from the club.

I practically ripped off the rest of my costume, and went to the bathroom, utterly and sourly disappointed with how I handled things. So tonight I express my sincere disgust- at mainly myself.

Three damn years without ever encountering a chav, and I loose my mind when I do. I must be spoiled, I'm in Britain for goodness sake.


  1. Awww that sucks i here about these Chavs i am not sure we have an equivalent here in New York even the street kids around me mind there own business.
    I did read that Swansea may not be the place to find the majority of the upper crust That it is an aria plagued with unemployment and Heroin usage is that true ? If so i guess those are some of the perfect ingredients to make someone a dick .

    what do you think the contributing factors/stimuli are ? Why are there so many Chavs in the UK and not here in the States ?

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  3. I do believe chavs actually derived from the 'working class' (or peasants) way back when. Though they still are in a sense poorer and the 'working class'. I think the closest thing New York has to chavs are thugs/thieves(?). I don't know much about the States, though I'm sure they have their fair share of bad people. In Britain, Yobs (a violent/dangerous kind of chav) are the no-gun equivalent (but sometimes they find a way to acquire them) and often carry small pocket knifes to harm or violate laws in some way. Thankfully Swansea is not the worst place, though I do hear stories. I'm not actually from there. I live pretty peacefully in the Rhondda Valleys, where the most you will find, are idiots.
    Another parallel I suppose are 'red necks', there are some areas where there are many chavs (a town full of them). They probably interbreed to form more degenerates. It would certainly explain the stuff I see on Jeremy Kyle's show. ><
    But the worst of all are the benefits the government gives to those who are seeking jobs- and most people are aware the worst kind take advantage of this and even live off the dole (job seeking allowance). They are given around £55 a week, and probably live in counsel houses (also there to aid the poor/ financially unstable). I believe that's why the rot of the UK persists, even though times are moving forward.

    What is New York like? I've always gotten the impression the atmosphere was similar to London (with taller buildings).