Saturday, 30 April 2011

ORZ: Multiple channel complications and UDK

One UV map, two Separate textures placed on two sets of selected faces.....
...equals UDK to display it properly.... ORZ
Two days ago I asked for a lecturer's help on trying to get my textures to show correctly on UDK, the problem was that the material channels were never showing up, there would be one less, and one of the ones that did appear would be displaying the materials wrongly. For the pas two weeks I dibbled and dabbled with this problem, looking for tutorials and forums that had discussed problems that were on tangent with my own. I had wanted to use two textures on one model, and I figured have two separate uvs was the right way about it- and according to many sources it was. I just couldn't get it to work.

Today, I had finally given up, after trying to use 3Ds max and realising there was no time- I just merged the two uvs (outer part and inner part of the chapel) by first separating the model into two pieces and copying/pasting their uvs on 'map1' (original uv map). I combined and merged my two pieces back into one whole, and noticed that the materials were being displayed correctly still. This reminded me of what a friend had tried to explain to me, his methods of using two textures in udk. So I exported and re-imported the bastard into udk- low and behold : it was working fine, had two correctly displayed channels with the two very same textures i had tried to apply- nothing was ammiss.

So tell me- world-of-Maya-and-overly-complicated-software..... WTF?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Madeleine Mccann

I did this for an assignment- it's obviously being posted on the actual blog for it.

Why did I choose these subjects? Because Gerhard Richter is the influence haha...

The blurred eyes are what Richter did a lot to his paintings- in fact it was a lot like fuzzy tapes that fuzzed out the whole thing (more than just eyes). But I don't like having to deform everything, otherwise the whole image would become incredibly boring- even if it reached the goal of being eerily ominous.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Something pretty cool

Firstly, Wheatly High-Poly Model. This is super cool. And I think it's a great idea to do things like this as a hobby in spare time.

I talking about hobby, I've been working on a sculpture in zbrush.

It's been posted on my other blog. But I keep it separate for a good reason.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Newbish Mistakes & UV sets

I have been working on a level on UDK for a while now, and not so long ago I had reformatted my computer. I had nearly lost 6hrs of work simply because my 'Incremental Saves' on Maya 2011 wasn't ticked- please people, always check your UI thoroughly (especially if it's something as spastic as Maya/UDK).

Anyhow here is what I have so far:

 I made a chapel with the insides included (since that's the way in an outdoor environment level that has no 'zoning'/'load screens'), and wanted to try to use two different UVsets so that I could assess my textures easily and keep them neat and tidy. I'm still learning and have never attempted it before.
So the first thing I do before UV unwrapping is that I split up all the pieces that would be otherwise be more inconvenient to select when trying to 'Planar Map' them. And use the 'Layer Display Editor' (to the right) to try to toggle pieces on and off easily.