Saturday, 16 April 2011

Newbish Mistakes & UV sets

I have been working on a level on UDK for a while now, and not so long ago I had reformatted my computer. I had nearly lost 6hrs of work simply because my 'Incremental Saves' on Maya 2011 wasn't ticked- please people, always check your UI thoroughly (especially if it's something as spastic as Maya/UDK).

Anyhow here is what I have so far:

 I made a chapel with the insides included (since that's the way in an outdoor environment level that has no 'zoning'/'load screens'), and wanted to try to use two different UVsets so that I could assess my textures easily and keep them neat and tidy. I'm still learning and have never attempted it before.
So the first thing I do before UV unwrapping is that I split up all the pieces that would be otherwise be more inconvenient to select when trying to 'Planar Map' them. And use the 'Layer Display Editor' (to the right) to try to toggle pieces on and off easily.

After a whooooole day of UV unwrapping, I'm finally done. I managed to find a couple of useful tutorials to show me how to assign certain faces to a new UVset.

The biggest problem I had was fiddling with the 'UV Relationship Editor', it was difficult to understand UVsets itself- but it seemed I had to understand the whole concept before grasping the Relationships.

 Finally it has been done.. you can't see much proof here, but there are two texture maps active on the model. I spent the whole day today just texturing. Eventually encountering another problem when trying to export the model (and the collision model) to UDK. When I 'combined' all the pieces I had split previously it had for some reason created a couple more UVsets, they were empty and I still don't know why they appeared. When I tried to export using ActorX, nothing happened. It seems that there's definitely a 'max amount' of UVsets you can export, and I had accidentally exceeded it.


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