Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Babylon sucks!

It sucks so much I actually have to post about it.
Guys, if you're ever after a translation program, NEVER go to Bablyon (at least if you're not planning to buy it). It's a giant virus/spyware of it's own. It attaches itself to your browser (in my case it was firefox), and ceases to let go even after uninstalling.

The reason I downloaded it in the first place was because I thought it looked interesting, and in the past I had used Bablyon Fish translator (a harmless website) to help me with my European Language classes back in comprehensive school. So.. naturally I thought it was okay.. but man I was so wrong. I'm not sure what happened, they must have hired a real sleazeball of a worker to get it marketing in such a sly way.

Right, so here's the thing you will probably experience if you install Babylon and you use firefox:
It installs a toolbar, and sets your homepage. The software itself by default starts up every time you log into Windows and bleeps messages at you, telling you that you should buy it's product. You can still use it for free, however.

Eventually you'll probably get a bit tired of the annoying thing and uninstall it, as well as the toolbar.
Delete your cache, your plug-in files, clean out the registry- for some reason when you type in the address bar (firefox) to search something, it uses Babylon's crappy search engine (it is google by default). No matter what it will be there, working it's evil ways. But the solution was to go deep into Firefox into the preferences page. You can easily fix this by either:

a) On firefox > help > 'Restart with Add-ons Disabled' , when it restarts a box pops up, and you can tick the box that will reset preferences, then click 'save and restart'. I used this option, because it was pretty easy.

b) (This was taken from the Mozilla help forum post, courtsey to BriCal49)
1. click into the address bar in Firefox.......Type "about:config"
2. You will get a warning about your warranty.....bypass this.
3. In the next screen....type......"Babylon" in the Filter window (a search in the config)
4. You are now in the guts of Firefox.....and where Babylon did it's dirty work. You will find about 5 or six places where Babylon shows up.
5. Highlight each of these entries one at a time, right click and pick "reset".
6. When all have been reset.....close the file.
Now test:
Open firefox....type something weird into the address a test...and your browser should start acting normally and faster.....and BABYLON is GONE!by the way, the uninstaller file they tell you to use is identified as TROJAN by McAfee. Sleazy.
By the way, Babylon tries to get you to download an "uninstaller" package:
DO NOT DO IT.....McAfee intercepts contains a TROJAN virus!!!! BEWARE.

*breathes* :D wasn't so bad, but I really wouldn't have figured if it wasn't already posted somewhere. I just hope people can bump into the answer directly.


  1. Awesome. Thank you so much for posting this.

  2. Thank you very much for this...this was really driving me crazy!!!

  3. Glad this post could be of help!!

  4. Gemma I had this stupid thing take over my FireFox search too I once used
    The Bab to help with my Chinese i thought at the time it was a useful tool but after this invasion i will never use there service again besides Google translation has come a long way and English to Chinese will never be perfect anyway. just a footnote if there is anyone who wants to learn an Asian language try learning Tagalog (the language of the Philippines ) it's easy to learn and sounds identical to how it's spelled/ read i have had a lot of fun learning this one and it only took me a year to speak it well but may i digress Babylon sucks stay wayyyy clear of it !!!! over and out. Stan

    1. :) Chinese? That's nice!
      Yes google translate is my new buddy when it comes to helping me out with languages. Since Babylon, I've found alternatives- also much more harmless.
      When I do have time I hope to learn Norwegian ^^

  5. this is so true.

  6. Babylon suck!!! Say it with me!!

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