Thursday, 18 August 2011

Puddle Puzzles, mobile game released!

Great news! The mobile game I helped work on during my internship at ChaosTrend (ended May 2011) has just been released in the iphone/ipad/itouch app store. ^^ It's the first ever game I helped make being released... even though I only did some artwork, I'm still quite excited about it. I think it will only work on 3GS and above, the HD versions are for retna screens (in other words higher resolution screens).

Full Game HD
Full Game non-HD

Free Game HD
Free Game non-HD

A little about the game:
It uses water physics, gravity and you get to drag around a fuzzy little guy that squeels cutely when it dies (not that you should try to kill it- but if it's your cup of tea...). It was inspired by Cut the Rope, I think those that have played it will see that.

If you do bother to try out the game, please help the new company ChaosTrend, by reviewing and rating, even if it's the lite version, and even if it's negative, feedback is very valuable. :D


  1. @Raymund Hensley
    It's quite okay, it wasn't received brilliantly, but I guess that's how it usually is for the average app. :D Thanks for the comment.

  2. I'm reminded of this site I found --->

    Maybe it can be of some use to you?

  3. @Raymund Hensley
    Wow! This is a great site! Thank you for the link <3 This is something I will definitely look into :D