Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Great Family

Leon (deceased at 3), Katie (7), Saki (6) and Bobby (1). 

After the tragic death of my first cat (whom I found lying at the bottom of the staircase, dead and frothing at the mouth), we took a year before getting another, he was only 3. His name was Zampetto Barnabi Brio- but I just called him Leon, and he was a brown coated Burmese cat. His grave is high up in the mountains in the valleys. "May you rest well sir cat".

When we bought our second, my brother was given the chance to name her, and gave her the the most generic un-cat like name ever. Katie.
She used to be pretty loud, but these days will just focus on sitting around, and will grab at any chance to sit on YOU if you are static. 
A year after, we were given the estranged kitten Saki, by some friendly hippy students that were lodging at one of my mother's houses (my mother is a landlady). In the end they didn't pay rent, and fled to some other town. Unfortunately for Saki, she had left her mother too soon and till this day, she does not act very normal. Antisocial and practically mute, she finds comfort in lying under my bed or atop the cupboard in the kitchen.

Bobby, is the newest edition to the family. I was never a very dog-person, so his barks and continuous harassments took me a while to get used to. He is a small Yorkshire dog, and has half the hype of a Jack Russell.
A pain in the ass. But I wouldn't have it any other way, since he makes my mother and father happy. I feel sorry for the cats, and perhaps one day will take them away to live in a more peaceful environment.

And there you have it, the furry members of the Suen family.


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