Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer Break

Since it's summer, there won't be much work related content to post here... perhaps I'll post silly things. Here's an old drawing *throws in a random old drawing*
Wonderland 2009


  1. Hey there, finally got around to checking out your blog now that uni is properly done with for the year. I love this drawing and in general it's nice to read something well written which swings between the extremes of technicality and creativity with some rather fetching photography thrown in as well. I'm no judge of aesthetics but you obviously have the eye for the striking.

  2. @Hindsight
    @Hindsight Thanks for the comment Ferg! Sadly Blogger is lacking with a 'Reply & notify' system. It seems to be designed for, commenting and then leaving it be. I only just added a 3rd party hack that allows for it. Hope you see this. Please do some blogging yourself!