Sunday, 12 June 2011

Small Game Collaborations

This was a while ago, back in January 2011. I collaborated in the making of two small games with a friend. I was the artist/modeller, so I didn't really play a big part. :) Still, it's nice to post it here.
Duck VS Flies
The music was taken from games like Bejewelled, I'm not entirely sure, so if you hear something familiar- that's the reason xD. In the end it was a university assignment, so as a Disclaimer: neither me or my coder buddy stole anything on purpose okay?

Space Match
The game we made before was a Pairs game called Space Match, it's downloadable only since it's 3D and uses openGL. To try out make sure to:
Download and install this first: Microsoft Visual C++ Re-distributable

I'm reluctant to name the man who coded all the games (in case he's fussy and doesn't like his real name being all over the net), but if you do try the games or even look at the screen shots you'll see the credits.
Here's a game he made with a group of coders (I was not involved), VX Defence:
Screenshot: First level of VX Defence


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