Thursday, 26 January 2012

Qualified for Blitz Open Day!

I found out two days ago that my house mate and I qualified for the Blitz Open Day! Woo!!

The thing is, I don't know how I got in... or rather how some didn't!
There seems to be a very high standard this year, especially for artists in 2D and 3D. I only know this because of some individuals who did not make it, and it boggles my mind, since one of them is incredibly skilled at 2D. I was positive that if I had gotten through, then so would those whose work I admired and believed to be better than my own.

There must have been something in the design work they were looking for- that I had luckily hit the nail on. It could be that they had noticed I had helped work on another submission (since everything was credited in document and websites).  This is completely okay within their rules. Work submitted can be teamwork, as long as the team is credited. It could also be that they limit the amount of students attending from each university- this would kind of suck, but I suppose every university must be given a chance. In the worst scenario, I am just a lucky bugger who just SOMEHOW qualified.

I cannot wait to go see the others attending this event, they must also have some really good qualities, 'competition is fierce' they say.  I am more scared about showing my work than anything else, since it states in the email that I am welcome to, and if I don't I'd probably be missing out on feedback from developers... but what if my work is mediocre compared to the other students? What if that one piece I submitted just happens to look good?

Sometimes I hate my pessimism, and yet it is probably the reason I've worked so hard up until now.

New Goal: Ready a sketchbook and a pen drive with some digital work 2D AND 3D.
New Goal: Bring attempted work, works of Matt painting and new things I am trying, like proper concept art and low-poly modelling!

The goal is probably going to change a lot, but I will try to stick to the last one.


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